Website administration is the monthly technical work on the site. It is necessary if:

  • you need monthly site maintenance by one strong and reliable specialist who will not leave you in a month or a year;
  • you need to upload new materials to the site every month, but you do not know how to do this, or you do not have time for this;
  • you need to monthly update the content management system (CMS) and installed additional plugins;
  • it is necessary to cache the site weekly and optimize the databases, free the site from unnecessary garbage, and optimize it;
  • it is required to check the left comments for the presence of spam comments, and to publish high-quality comments in manual mode;
  • want to receive monthly site traffic reports and have deep statistics at hand to analyze site advertising costs;
  • need advice on working with the site, or you need to conduct training on how to work with it;
  • and also want to carry out any other types of work on the site for you.

An order for the administration of websites is made in any way convenient for you — by phone, via instant messengers, by e-mail. Lead time and cost directly depend on the amount of time it takes to complete your order.

The cost of work:

  • Website administration on CMS WordPress = $20/hour.
  • Site administration on other CMS or constructors = $35/hour.
  • Server administration = $50/hour

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