• Search and display advertising on the Internet
    A certified advertising specialist (Yandex, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Waze) creates, configures, and maintains various advertising campaigns (search, display, contextual, banner and other advertising) in Yandex.Direct, Google.Ads, Facebook advertising accounts. Ads, MyTarget, social networks, etc. A complete list of services can be found on the website: Link
  • Website development
    What types of website development are there? setting the robots.txt file that is displayed when requested: «your site/robots.txt» creating a sitemap in html format, which is displayed when requested: «your site / sitemap.html» creating a sitemap in xml format, which is displayed when requested: «your site / sitemap.xml» creating an rss feed that is displayed…
  • Website technical support
    Website technical support is an urgent technical work, lasting from 1 hour to 7 days. It is necessary if your site: freezes; gives errors; takes a very long time to open; does not open at all (or does not open for you, but opens for others); does not display correctly in different browsers; was infected…
  • Website administration
    Website administration is the monthly technical work on the site. It is necessary if: you need monthly site maintenance by one strong and reliable specialist who will not leave you in a month or a year; you need to upload new materials to the site every month, but you do not know how to do…

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