Website administration and website technical support.

Urgent technical assistance on the site, as well as the completion of sites and monthly site support

Website administration

Website administration is the monthly technical work on the site.

Website technical support

Website technical support is an urgent technical work, lasting from 1 hour to 7 days.

Website development

Improvement of websites on various CMS and constructors. An order for the revision of websites is made in any way convenient for you — by phone, via instant messengers, by e-mail. Lead time and cost directly depend on the amount of time it takes to complete your order.

Simply Amazing

The quality of work exceeds all expectations. Prompt solution of tasks in a short time and without «crutches».
Jimmy Smith
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For sites on CMS WordPress

  • Installing plugins and widgets
  • Installing a site theme
  • Website Theme Editing
  • Removing viruses from the site
  • Other types of work

For other sites

  • Website fixes
  • Site recovery
  • Website adaptation
  • Any website changes
  • Communication with your technical support

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